Thursday, December 1, 2022

Blank File Icons in Ventura

After updating to Ventura, throughout Finder, other apps, and the Dock, all my documents were shown with blank icons. This eventually resolved itself in Finder and in open/save panels, but I still see incorrect icons in apps such as BBEdit, EagleFiler, TextEdit, and the Dock. PDF files show a blank document icon. Text files show the generic Mac text file icon, rather than the document icon from the app that they are set to open in.

This is only occurring on one of my Macs, but I’m not alone. Doing a safe boot, resetting the icon services cache, and rebuilding Launch Services didn’t help. Nor did clearing $TMPDIR and the Caches folders. Unless there’s some other cache I need to reset, this seems like a bug in Ventura. It’s easily reproducible outside of these apps, just by calling NSWorkspace.icon(forFileType:) or NSWorkspace.icon(forFile:).

Update (2022-12-23): vitor:

It’s a Ventura bug. Some of my file types are also affected but it’s not just Alfred, they don’t show up in Spotlight either. Found several reports of this on the web, outside of Alfred results[…]

Update (2023-05-23): Vítor:

Seems like “Blank File Icons in Ventura” has finally been fixed in 13.4.

It’s fixed on my Mac.


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Yep, noticed the same issue when attaching files in emails: they appear as blank icons.

Had customers complain about the same in Trickster. It took me a while to understand that it was a system problem. (I'm the same method as in the article).

I've got a customer reporting this too, but haven't been able to reproduce it on my machines. He's running Ventura 13.1 now on an Intel Mac, while I'm running an M1 and and M1 Pro.

Is it cropping up only on Intel-powered Macs?

- Jon

@Jon I’m seeing it on my M1 Pro.

I’m also seeing it on my M1 Pro. LaunchBar is where I noticed this bug.

Mix of Intels and M1s here. Upgraded (not clean installed) directly to 13.2 last week. Boring blank icons everywhere. Just wanted to add our voice.

I'm on M2 MacBook Air at home... same problem. 14" M1 MacBook Pro at work, no problem.

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