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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Freeform Beta

Juli Clover:

With the macOS Ventura 13.1, iOS 16.2, and iPadOS 16.2 betas provided to developers today, Apple has introduced the first version of the Freeform app that was first introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

This is not the type of app I would use, but it’s always interesting to look at how Apple designs a new app, which technologies it uses, and which components might eventually become APIs.

Juli Clover:

Multiple Freeform boards are supported, and Apple intends for Freeform to be used collaboratively. All of your boards can be shared with others, and all participants can update a board and add new features, with the changes shown in real-time. As of right now, the sharing features do not appear to be implemented.

Steve Troughton-Smith:

In case you’re curious; Freeform on the Mac is an AppKit app built with ObjC/Swift (with NIBs) and some SwiftUI. Uses Metal rendering, and seems like a pretty meaty project.

Parker Ortolani:

Freeform has so many delightful hidden features. It’s so well considered. Bravo to the team behind it. It’s quite literally the opposite of stage manager on a new feature quality matrix.

Ask Adam:

I love when Apple creates software like this but I worry it’ll be instantly abandoned like Music Memos or utterly ignored like Clips.


iPads That Don’t Exist

Sami Fathi:

Writing in his Power On newsletter, Gurman said Apple had “internally considered launching an iPad with a plastic back and plastic keyboard” that would ship in the same box for below $500. “The idea was seemingly abandoned, but that was probably Apple’s only real hope of ever giving Chromebooks a run for their money in most schools,” Gurman added.

The new base model iPad is $449, the Magic Keyboard Folio is $249, and the Pencil is $99.

Joe Rossignol:

Apple is developing a larger 16-inch iPad that it hopes to release in the fourth quarter of 2023, according to a report today from The Information’s Wayne Ma. This would be the largest-ever iPad model, topping the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.


watchOS 9.1

Juli Clover:

Today’s update introduces an extended battery life option when using Outdoor Walking, Running, and Hiking Workouts. You can opt to reduce the frequency of heart rate and GPS readings if you have an Apple Watch Ultra, a second-generation Apple Watch SE, or an Apple Watch Series 8.

I wonder why this is limited to the new models. The hardware is not that different, and choosing how often to read a sensor seems more like a software feature than a hardware one, anyway.


This document describes the security content of watchOS 9.1.


GyazMail 1.7


GyazMail now supports OAuth 2.0 authentication (Requires OS X 10.11.6 or later).

Fixed possible crash when using IMAP accounts

GyazMail is one of the rare third-party e-mail clients these days that feels like it was designed for the Mac rather than iOS.