Wednesday, October 26, 2022

GyazMail 1.7


GyazMail now supports OAuth 2.0 authentication (Requires OS X 10.11.6 or later).

Fixed possible crash when using IMAP accounts

GyazMail is one of the rare third-party e-mail clients these days that feels like it was designed for the Mac rather than iOS.


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If Mr. Tsai has a second, can you explain the sorts of warnings I've seen on a few email clients' sites like the one GyazMail has?

After May 30, 2022, GyazMail no longer can access your Google account.

Secure access (OAuth authentication) to your GyazMail Google account is not supported for the following reasons:

* A verification process by Google must be required in order to access Gmail more securely.
* The verification process costs between $ 10,000 and $ 75,000 every year.
* Google will take weeks to complete the verification process.

I get that they don't want anyone logging in with their "real" password, but it looks like, if you follow the Google links long enough, they do still allow app passwords.

Why don't clients just show how to create those? That seems much more lenient than, "GyazMail no longer can access your Google account."

Or is Google cracking down on app specific passwords somewhere I've missed? Or do they not work reliably with Gmail? :confused:

@Ruffin I don’t know why it’s phrased that way. From what I’ve seen, you can still use app passwords. I don’t see any reason why Google would drop support for those.

Now that you're saying it, this is indeed what's most bothering about apps like AirMail... this whole Single-Window inline crap that doesn't help at all with everyday tasks... search always goes to search through all mails but searching within a result is impossible. Leveraging multiple windows or just sticking with standard AppKit principles would be so much better...
Selecting multiple mails works but dragging them doesn't... since

I wonder if the majority of their users is indeed using an iOS/iPad OS device... if so they could as well just drop the mac version.

I love Gyazmail. But I wish he would make it Apple Silicon native.

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