Monday, September 19, 2022

Weathergraph 1.0.117

Tomas Kafka:

Lock screen widgets! Ready for iOS 16 and Apple Watch Ultra.

Two large widgets with a signature weather graph and text weather summary. Inline widgets to tell you current conditions, wind speed and direction, precipitation or time of the next rain, or UV index. And many small widgets for individual weather metrics.

Support for Lock Screen widgets is welcome, but I’m finding it far less useful than the Apple Watch complication. With the widget being monochrome and also fading into the photo background, it’s harder to see what’s happening on the graph. Also, slots for widgets are scarce, with only two for larger widgets if I want to keep the date visible.


Update (2022-09-26): Ashley Bischoff and dkhamsing note that there is a third widget slot at the top, though I find that shape less useful for widgets and dislike how it abbreviates the date.

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I agree - I'm surprised that the amount of information displayed wasn't reduced significantly for the widget. Hopefully there is some iteration on the design. The lock screen is really begging for Weather Line (RIP).

Did you know the Weather Line tech got bought by FOX Weather?

I gotta say I much prefer Weather Strip as far as design and features go.

Hi Josh, thank you! There is an icon-only theme, here is how that looks on a lockscreen:

I am thinking of just making another icon-only widget like this (so that you could keep the in-app chart styled however you like, but have weather icons in a Weather Line style on a lockscreen), so yes, iterations will come :).

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