Friday, September 16, 2022

LockFlow 1.0.2

John Vorhees (tweet):

That’s why I was glad to see a brand new app called LockFlow released alongside the iOS 16 release. The app makes it incredibly simple to add shortcut widgets to your iPhone Lock Screen.


When you’re finished adding shortcuts to LockFlow, tap on one to give it an icon and test it if you’d like.


You can use the widget as an app launcher with a single-action shortcut using the Open App action. Other options include controlling HomeKit scenes, switching Focus modes, starting a favorite playlist, and a lot more.

Dan Masters:

How quaint 😄


An iOS 16 bug that happens at times is widgets not showing up as available to use.

To fix this, you can change your system language temporarily to force the Lock Screen to re-initialize, and that should fix the widgets from not showing up.


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