Thursday, September 15, 2022

Widgetsmith for iOS 16’s Lock Screen

John Voorhees:

If you’ve used Widgetsmith to create Home Screen widgets, you’ll hit the ground running with Lock Screen widgets. There’s a new segmented control near the top of the iPhone app’s Widgets tab that toggles between Home Screen and Lock Screen widget creation. The Lock Screen view is divided between the inline text widgets that fit above the time on the Lock Screen and circular and rectangular widgets that sit below the time.


The rectangular widget category includes even more categories from which to choose. Between the overlap with other widget types, plus the Battery and Tides widgets, there are a total of 13 widget types that can be added to a rectangular widget and themed.

I loved the idea of widgets, but in practice I never use them. It hasn’t seemed worth displacing any of my app icons, and if I’m going to swipe to a separate homescreen I may as well just open the app itself. I make heavy use of watch complications, though, and I expect Lock Screen widgets to be more like that.

Francisco Tolmasky:

Is there no way to put Apple Remote in the Widgets Lock Screen? Would love to have it directly there instead of in Control Center.


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