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Friday, September 16, 2022

LockFlow 1.0.2

John Vorhees (tweet):

That’s why I was glad to see a brand new app called LockFlow released alongside the iOS 16 release. The app makes it incredibly simple to add shortcut widgets to your iPhone Lock Screen.


When you’re finished adding shortcuts to LockFlow, tap on one to give it an icon and test it if you’d like.


You can use the widget as an app launcher with a single-action shortcut using the Open App action. Other options include controlling HomeKit scenes, switching Focus modes, starting a favorite playlist, and a lot more.

Dan Masters:

How quaint 😄


An iOS 16 bug that happens at times is widgets not showing up as available to use.

To fix this, you can change your system language temporarily to force the Lock Screen to re-initialize, and that should fix the widgets from not showing up.


Unicode 15

Keith Broni:

The latest emoji list drafted by the Unicode Consortium is due for formal approval today, with new emojis including a Goose, a Hyacinth, a Shaking Face, and a plain Pink Heart.


These 11 sequences are ten new skin tone modifier sequences - five each for the new Rightwards Pushing Hand and Leftwards Pushing Hand emojis - and one new zero width joiner (ZWJ) sequence, namely, the new 🐦‍⬛ Black Bird.

Amber Neely:

As it turns out, 73% of those polled thought people who used emojis are friendlier, funnier, and cooler than those who don’t. And 91% of respondents felt that emoji make it easier to express themselves — with 60% reporting that emojis have the ability to boost overall mental health.


Perhaps least surprising of all, the tears of joy emoji continues to be the favorite emoji of those in the U.S.

Update (2022-09-26): Jonty Wareing (via Hacker News):

The character “ꙮ” (U+A66E) is being updated in version 15.0.0.

Because it doesn’t have enough eyes. It needs to have three more eyes.

I absolutely love that there’s a unicode character with a single documented use, and it wasn’t even correct.