Monday, August 8, 2022

Weathergraph 1.0.110

Tomas Kafka:

Be the first to try the hourly forecast from a beta version of Apple’s own new weather service. Hit the Preferences button and switch the forecast source. Nowcast isn’t available yet, so it will be provided by the good & trusty Foreca.

And dew point comfort scale. Enable humidity or dew point in the chart to see the feel for a given hour on a dew point comfort scale. From dry through pleasant, comfortable and humid up to miserable or extreme, Weathergraph will inform you both in the details section and chart tooltip.

I love Weathergraph’s design, but the weather data from Foreca has not proved quite as accurate in my area as I’d hoped. I prefer the data from AccuWeather (as seen in Snowflake) and The Weather Channel (as see in Apple Weather on iOS 15 and earlier).

I don’t know yet how well Apple’s own weather service compares, but it’s good to have another option in Weathergraph.

Note that Weathergraph is using the REST API for Apple Weather, so it’s able to get Apple Weather data, sans tuples, without requiring iOS 16.


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