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Monday, August 8, 2022

Weathergraph 1.0.110

Tomas Kafka:

Be the first to try the hourly forecast from a beta version of Apple’s own new weather service. Hit the Preferences button and switch the forecast source. Nowcast isn’t available yet, so it will be provided by the good & trusty Foreca.

And dew point comfort scale. Enable humidity or dew point in the chart to see the feel for a given hour on a dew point comfort scale. From dry through pleasant, comfortable and humid up to miserable or extreme, Weathergraph will inform you both in the details section and chart tooltip.

I love Weathergraph’s design, but the weather data from Foreca has not proved quite as accurate in my area as I’d hoped. I prefer the data from AccuWeather (as seen in Snowflake) and The Weather Channel (as see in Apple Weather on iOS 15 and earlier).

I don’t know yet how well Apple’s own weather service compares, but it’s good to have another option in Weathergraph.

Note that Weathergraph is using the REST API for Apple Weather, so it’s able to get Apple Weather data, sans tuples, without requiring iOS 16.


Reimplementation of Apple Code Signing and Notarization

Gregory Szorc:

I’m very excited to announce that we now have a pure Rust implementation of a client for Apple’s Notary API in the apple-codesign crate. This means we can now notarize Apple software from any machine where you can get the Rust crate to compile. This means we no longer have a dependency on the 3rd party Apple Transporter application. Notarization, like code signing, is 100% open source Rust code.


There are probably thousands of companies and individuals who have wanted to release Apple software from non-macOS operating systems. (The existence and popularity of tools like fastlane seems to confirm this.) The historical lack of an Apple code signing and notarization solution that worked outside macOS has prevented this. Well, that barrier has officially fallen.

It’s available here.

Update (2022-08-08): See also: Hacker News.


Apple’s code signing tool is open source, but heavily dependent on Cocoa/OSX libraries like CoreFoundation.

Testing Continuity Camera

Julio Ojeda-Zapata:

The mounts are not yet available to the public, but some lucky tech writers have been sent pre-release versions. Apple chose not to favor me with early access, but I found something similar while rummaging through my tech gear: PopSocket’s PopGrip for MagSafe. It’s an oval slab that clamps magnetically to the back of an iPhone and incorporates that classic telescoping two-finger circular grip.


Here are image comparisons with the FaceTime HD cameras in the 2020 M1 MacBook Air, the recently released M2 MacBook Air, and the Studio Display, which was released earlier this year. Continuity Camera imagery is superior across the board. The M2 MacBook Air improves on the M1 MacBook Air, but not dramatically so. The Studio Display’s imagery is muddled and a bit dark.


Now [Portrait Mode is] present in Continuity Camera as an option to toggle background blurriness on and off (iPhone 11 or later).


Unfortunately, the quality of the desk imagery isn’t great.


Netflix Homes and Games

Emma Roth, Jay Peters, and Richard Lawler (Hacker News):

Netflix is testing a new way to tackle password sharing in Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic (as reported first by Bloomberg). A support page for Netflix in Honduras clearly states the test will prompt users to pay an additional fee if they use an account on a TV or TV-connected device at a location outside their primary household for over two weeks. Each additional home will cost an extra 219 pesos per month, per home in Argentina ($1.17 US), and $2.99 everywhere else.

It sounds like this isn’t going to work very well for people who regularly travel to the same location.

The company also started experimenting with a profile transfer tool that’s supposed to make it easier for someone to transfer their recommendations, watch history, and My List. This is a way for the platform to passively nudge password sharers toward opening a new account or getting on a subaccount.

Tim Hardwick:

Netflix’s mobile gaming platform has been engaging less than 1 percent of Netflix subscribers since its launch last November, according to new data from app analytics company Apptopia (via CNBC).

It’s too bad this doesn’t work on tvOS.