Monday, November 29, 2021

Snowflake Weather 1.3 for iOS


Snowflake is an incredibly detailed weather app, covering almost everything you could possibly want to know about current conditions and forecasts.

I’m not sure why I haven’t heard much about this app, but I was glad to discover it recently. As expected from the developer of iStat Menus, the interface is thoughtfully designed and very customizable. It’s vaguely Weather Line–inspired. Like Weather Strip, it shows both the daily and extended hourly forecast on the same screen. But it also mixes in textual descriptions and lets you easily see the total precipitation for each day. And it’s easy to switch locations by long-pressing on the home icon. $4.99 for the basic version ($0.99 Black Friday deal), plus $4.99/year to get more weather providers, longer forecasts, maps, etc.


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This is good advice since we need to keep searching for iOS weather apps because the good ones keep getting acquired and discontinued (DarkSky, WeatherLine …). I still use DarkSky a lot, but I know its time is growing short. Carrot is fun, but it is also too crazy weird. This Snowflake app seems like a good at-a-glance weather app!

Kevin Schumacher

I guess I'm not sure what you mean by Carrot is "too crazy weird," since all of the "human-killing robot" stuff can be dialed back or turned off, and underneath that, it's a highly configurable app. It's been my weather app of choice since at least 2016 (I remember gifting a copy of it to someone I was dating then). I love the very dark humor so I leave that turned all the way on, but it is vastly customizable beyond that, in terms of layout, types of information displayed, data points in any given place, and so forth, both in-app and in the various widgets it offers.

(No, I'm not associated with them, just a very satisfied customer.)

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