Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Are Mac Malware Defenses Changing Again?

Howard Oakley:

Although updates to XProtect’s data files and to MRT always have been irregular, a year ago they occurred quite frequently, with XProtect updates every 7-21 days, and MRT every month or so. As of today, the last XProtect update was pushed on 24 September (version 2151), and there has only been one very minor update to MRT (1.85) since 13 September – a period of over two months.


Whatever is happening, this can only worry those using earlier versions of macOS. For all their limitations, XProtect and MRT have still been providing Macs with valuable malware detection and removal. If malware defences in Monterey are moving away from those tools, and Apple has cut back their maintenance, that leaves Big Sur and earlier worryingly exposed.


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