Wednesday, November 14, 2018

RIP XProtect and MRT?

Howard Oakley:

What’s more, there hasn’t been any change in XProtect’s detection signatures since 13 March 2018 (over 7 months ago), and the last time that MRT was updated to remove new malware was 19 June 2018 (over 4 months ago).

So the question we should all be asking is whether Apple is continuing to support XProtect and MRT, or whether it has let them die in silence?


Besides, even if Mojave 10.14.2 were to bring something wonderfully new, there are many Macs which are stuck with Sierra or High Sierra which would need a retrofit if they were to remain protected after the demise of XProtect and MRT. Discontinuing support for these established security tools would expose millions of Mac users as fair game to attackers.

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Well did anyone file a radar? :)

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