Friday, May 7, 2021

Hello Weather

John Gruber:

Longtime readers know I have a thing for good iPhone weather apps. I find weather apps to be an evergreen playground for design ideas — and that’s more true than ever now with iOS 14 widgets. One of my very favorites in recent years is Hello Weather. It’s attractive, original, and highly useful.

I’ve been looking for something to eventually replace Weather Line, and Hello Weather looks like a good find. It has nice, clean design that nevertheless presents lots of information. The main drawback that I’ve seen so far is that the hourly forecast doesn’t go very far into the next day.

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I've used Hello Weather on my iPad for a while. It's fine, but I ended up using Carrot Weather instead (in classic UI mode). It just feels more robust to me than Hello Weather.

I'm with Chris on this one. I started using Carrot Weather on Josh Centers's recommendation, and I'm quite impressed. Great widgets, highly customizable UI, and I find the friendly snark level to be quite amusing. It's not cheap to get all the good features, but the company is entirely upfront about why that is.

Kevin Schumacher

<3 Carrot Weather. I've been using it for several years and never had a reason to look at anything else.

Benjamin Esham

I also switched from Weather Line to Carrot Weather. I had been hearing about it for years but was kind of put off by its personality. (I think the “murderous computer” thing is funny, but for this kind of app I don’t want extraneous stuff on the screen.) I was able to create a layout that looked kind of like Weather Line but fit more information on the screen. I also recommend it!

Carrot has become an incredibly good weather app. I use it every day and am happy to pay for it. It just had a nice update, too. The once-great Weather Underground was butchered when TWC took it over, so I gladly kicked that to the curb.

WeatherNerd is where it’s at for me. Best “single page” weather views of any weather app I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a ton). The today view is great, graphically showing wind speed, today and yesterday’s temperature, rain/snow, etc. all without any scrolling! The week view is just as informative, accessible with just a single tap. Highly recommended. (And no affiliation, just a satisfied customer.)

What bothers me most about this trend is that every time a great weather app is killed, I have to settle for what I consider to be an inferior alternative that’s lacks several key functional or design qualities I had previously come to expect. What should be happening is that weather apps should be getting better over time, but it seems as if the companies making all these acquisitions have little interest in delighting their customers and are instead purchasing them for nefarious, anti-competitive reasons.

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