Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Weather Strip 1.1

Robin Stewart:

Weather Strip’s groundbreaking week-long hourly view shows you the whole forecast at a glance, so you can more quickly choose the best times to go outside — or check on likely weather for upcoming events and outings.

Via John Gruber:

I’ve never seen weather forecasts presented quite like this. A very glanceable presentation of precipitation chances, cloud cover, and, of course, temperature.

So far it only supports one location at a time, and I’m not sure yet how accurate the forecasts will turn out to be, but I love the core design. It’s easy to see both the outlook for the week and for the next 12 hours. There’s lots of information packed into a clever visual design. The numbers and percentages are also available if you want to see them.


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So far, it seems fairly accurate. I've been amazed even at the dew point info. I love having it sprawled across the bottom of my m1 screen...

My personal opinion is that ToDo apps, and Weather apps, are to app developers what The Aristocrats is to comedians.

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