Thursday, August 11, 2022

Kaleidoscope 3.6

Leitmotif (tweet):

The changeset window now sports a modern macOS look with a sidebar that can be hidden. The filter on the bottom now allows filtering files by type, in addition to the file name filter and the buttons that hide or show files that have been modified, added, deleted, or moved. Power user hint: try option-clicking items.


Beginning with the first update after Kaleidoscope 3.6, you should no longer need to update the ksdiff command line tool when we make changes[…] instead of installing the ksdiff tool by copying it to /usr/local/bin, we just create a link to ksdiff inside the app in /usr/local/bin.

To get the new changeset sidebar when using Tower, you need to uncheck Perform directory diff so that Kaleidoscope receives a list of file changes rather than the before and after folders.

It’s great to see Kaleidoscope getting regular updates. Unfortunately, it’s been stuck in Mac App Store review for 6 days.


Update (2022-08-26): Christopher Atlan:

I don’t know why there is a developer category in the App Store. App Review seems not to know what to do with it. @kaleidoscopeapp is now stuck in review for over 2 weeks without any communication.

Too bad Phil Schiller’s idea didn’t work out.

Christopher Atlan:

Dev Relations whispered that App Review doesn’t know what to do with the sandboxed command-line tool and its installation via Privileged File Operations Entitlement.

Maybe I should forward them this email from PFO? Ha! Can’t! Still “In Review” so no contact option.


Update (2022-09-14): Kaleidoscope:

After a month in App Review, Kaleidoscope 3.6 is now out on the Mac App Store! Enjoy the simplified ksdiff installation as well as the major changeset improvements.


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