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Mac APIs that Require Provisioning Profiles

Jonathan Deutsch:

Apple’s documentation should also state provisioning profile requirements of API.

I just burned a day thinking I’d be able to use HomeKit on a Developer ID app.

There’s no way the App Store will approve my utility; so the feature (which I thought was quite cool) is instead cut.

The documentation should also state which APIs work when sandboxed.

Allan Odgaard:

I have codesigned the application using hardened runtime and the com.apple.developer.security.privileged-file-operations entitlement (although this is outside App Store and no sandboxing).

It doesn’t work and I see this error in the console:

(libsystem_secinit.dylib) com.apple.secinitd.fileoperations: xpc_pipe_routine() returned [5: Input/output error]

NSWorkspaceAuthorization apparently requires a provisioning profile.


Update (2021-03-19): Jonathan Deutsch:

I was trying to use HomeKit in a Catalyst helper app on macOS. It can’t be provisioned for Developer ID, but would work for the App Store.

HomeKit is only available on macOS via Catalyst and UIKIt for Mac.


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