Monday, May 11, 2020

Apps That Can’t Be Transferred

Charlie Chapman:

Looking again at implementing CloudKit for syncing and again getting hung up on the whole “I can no longer transfer this app to another account” thing

Is it really worth setting up a separate LLC and dev account for each app for the rare chance I may want to transfer later?


It’s not about iCloud data not transferring, it’s that Apple literally won’t let you transfer the app to a different account at all of you’ve enabled the CloudKit entitlement. So you’d have to give up the entire account

Jurgis Kirsakmens:

iCloud entitlement, Catalyst app, Passbook entitlement, apps with App Group Container, Sign in with Apple - any of this makes app un-transferable

Update (2020-07-29): Steve Troughton-Smith:

App Store Connect protip: never, in a million years, put your app into an app bundle. Holy crap. It locks you into so many restrictions, forever, and there’s no way back out of it; you can never remove your app from a bundle, and you can never delete a bundle completely

It is absolutely insane that bundles, which should be a temporary marketing feature, permanently taint your app record. Who in their right mind designed this system? What developer would ever use it if they knew?


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Apple could have solved this problem by tying the 15% to the app rather than the account. So odd. I've been meaning to transfer my apps off my personal Apple ID to a specific business account. I guess I better do that today.

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