Thursday, June 13, 2013

Transferring App Ownership

Adam C. Engst:

Apple has at long last responded to one significant request: the desire to transfer apps between developers. This is important because developers have a lot of intellectual property value wrapped up in apps, in part due to the app’s metadata in the App Store. Until now, it wasn’t possible to transfer an app between developers without losing rankings and reviews and severing the connection with existing customers for updates, thus stripping an app of much of its hard-earned value.

This is a a good improvement, but it’s worth noting what the FAQ says:

You cannot transfer iCloud enabled apps or apps using iCloud entitlements, Passbook IDs, certificates, or notifications.

In addition, apps with approved auto-renewable, non-renewing, or free subscriptions In-App Purchase subscriptions cannot be transferred. This includes apps that previously had approved In-App Purchases subscriptions, even if they have been removed.

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