Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Which OS Services Are App Store–only?

Drew McCormack:

OK, I was sure I must have been messing up somehow, but it turns out Sign In with Apple is not supported in Developer ID signed apps (source DTS). Must be the only entitlement that requires the Mac App Store. It is undocumented and portal never gives an appropriate error.

Adrian Thomas found that there is actually a Supported capabilities (macOS) help page that lists which APIs work with a free developer account, a Developer ID app, and a Mac App Store app. The latter two require a paid developer account. Aside from Sign in with Apple, Low Latency HLS and Game Center are exclusive to the Mac App Store.


Update (2022-09-14): Drew McCormack:

Gah! Looks like Shared with You is only supported in the Mac App Store, just like Sign in with Apple. Wish these things were documented. Last time cost me a week trying to get the provisioning to work, only to find out the entitlement was deliberately stripped out.

Update (2023-05-22): The NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore documentation:

To use this class, you must distribute your app through the App Store or Mac App Store[…]

The (moved) Supported capabilities (macOS) page says that it’s available for Developer ID apps, though.

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