Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Kaleidoscope 3.5

Kaleidoscope 3.4:

The ability to share a diff with others via PDF definitely makes collaboration easier. You can open the PDF and add comments via your favorite PDF editing software. You could even write comments with your Apple Pencil on your iPad. You’ll share with your team exactly what you have on your screen, showing all the changes that Kaleidoscope has found. Or someone can get your help on their code by giving you their Kaleidoscope windows as a PDF that makes commenting easy.

I had been doing this with screenshots. PDF is much better.

Kaleidoscope 3.5:

By default, Kaleidoscope 3.5 will normalize JSON files when opening them. This enables humans to actually compare the content, and provides major speed improvements when comparing large files.


You can now send any file list in Shortcuts to Kaleidoscope to compare that list as a folder. On our blog, we describe how to use that to compare popular archive formats like .zip or .jar.

I was wondering how this would work—how do you collect the extracted archives in Shortcuts to send them all to Kaleidoscope at once? The answer is that you don’t. You send it the batches separately, and they get collected in the front window.


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