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Thursday, August 4, 2022

GitLab to Delete Dormant Projects From Free Accounts

Simon Sharwood:

GitLab plans to automatically delete projects if they’ve been inactive for a year and are owned by users of its free tier.

The Register has learned that such projects account for up to a quarter of GitLab’s hosting costs, and that the auto-deletion of projects could save the cloudy coding collaboration service up to $1 million a year.


Geoff Huntley, an open-source advocate, and participant in the open .Net community, described the policy as “absolutely wild.”

“Source code does not take up much disk space,” he told The Register. “For someone to delete all that code is destruction of the community. They are going to destroy their brand and goodwill."

It seems like something is missing from this story. Are these users storing something other than source code? Are there repos that have not been updated recently but that get large numbers of downloads?

Update (2022-08-05): Simon Sharwood:

GitLab has reversed its decision to automatically delete projects that are inactive for more than a year and belong to its free-tier users.

See also: Hacker News.

iMessage and the Secret Service

Tom Bridge:

The Secret Service has lately been in some hot water because they failed to backup the text message (and iMessage?) history of the devices issued to their staff during an MDM transition. I talked some with Jason Snell from Six Colors in a recent piece about what happened[…]

I wish there were a supported way to back up/export my entire message history from iCloud. Not having access to my own data is way worse than the potential privacy implications of my having an unencrypted copy of the data.


How Apple Limits VMs


Learn how you can use the Virtualization framework to quickly create virtual machines on your Mac. We’ll show you how to create a virtual Mac and quickly test changes to your app in an isolated environment. We’ll also explore how you can install and run full Linux distributions on Apple silicon, and share how you can take advantage of Rosetta 2 to run x86-64 Linux binaries.

Howard Oakley:

As your licence from Apple explicitly limits you to running no more that two copies of macOS as guests, it’s up to you to observe that licence condition, and up to Apple to enforce it on you. So, in the past, you may well have run more than two copies of macOS in VMs, although that’s in breach of Apple’s licence. What’s different with lightweight virtualisation using the Virtualization framework in macOS is that it’s Apple’s code which creates and runs each VM, thus Apple can enforce its restrictive licence terms by limiting the number of macOS VMs that can be run at any one time, and that’s what it does, and why I think Apple needs to change that.


Studio Display Firmware 15.5 (19F80)

Apple (via Howard Oakley, MacRumors):

Resolves an audio issue with Studio Display

Are they not able to give it a new version number because there’s no iOS 15.5.1 for phones?


Update (2022-08-05): John Gruber:

I spent $40 on a HomeKit power outlet to work around the Studio Display’s lack of a power button.

Markus Müller-Simhofer:

I “almost” bricked my Apple Studio Display with yesterdays update. I think my mistake was running it from macOS Ventura b3. Apple Support was able to help me restore it by keeping it plug-in for ~15min on a Mac with Monterey.

Update (2022-08-08): Seth Willits:

So far it appears that the recent Studio Display Firmware Update 15.5 (19F80) did fix the audio issues for me. Great!

Now, am I the only one who is getting windows resized to 1920x1080 whenever the display sleeps? Can we get a fix for that too?