Monday, March 7, 2022

ChronoSync 10

Econ Technologies (release notes):

ChronoSync is now a Universal binary that natively supports both Intel and Apple Silicon platforms.


ChronoSync now allows you to sync to and from iCloud storage. One benefit of syncing to iCloud storage is that any new files placed in iCloud will propagate to all other devices that you have associated with that same Apple ID. ChronoSync is the only tool for macOS that offers an efficient way to backup your iCloud storage to another device (or cloud storage service).

It can download any non-resident files from iCloud Drive, back them up, and then mark them for eviction. It can also back up to iCloud Drive, immediately marking the files for eviction so the backup doesn’t take up space locally.

Prior to version 10, ChronoSync’s approach to creating bootable backups on Big Sur was quite cumbersome. It ignored the System volume and could only sync the Data volume. This was a less than ideal scenario. Fortunately in version 10, ChronoSync takes advantage of Apple’s APFS replication utility (called ASR) to create a cloned image on the destination volume. Once the full system clone is made, ChronoSync will only handle the Data volume in subsequent syncs.

ChronoSync is $49.99, with free updates for existing customers.


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