Monday, February 21, 2022

Time Machine Skips Some Files in iCloud Drive

Howard Oakley:

Documents stored in user folders created by the user in iCloud Drive appear to be backed up most reliably, and appear in both snapshots and backups. That assumes, of course, that they aren’t evicted and left as stub files.

Documents stored in folders created and maintained by apps are less reliable. Those of third-party apps appear to behave as user documents, in both snapshots and backups, so long as they aren’t evicted. However, documents in the folders managed by Apple’s ‘special’ apps using paths of the form com~apple~specialapp, including Numbers, Pages and Keynote, aren’t reliably backed up by Time Machine.


The third lesson, then, is that you can’t rely on Time Machine to back up documents stored in iCloud Drive. It might do a good job, or it could omit them completely from its backups.


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