Friday, December 23, 2016

Investigating ChronoSync 4.7 for Cloud Backup

Glenn Fleishman:

We at TidBITS were excited to see ChronoSync add options to use Amazon’s Simple Storage System (S3) and Google Cloud Storage as sources or destinations. ChronoSync 4.7 also added support for SFTP (Secure FTP), which gives you even more remote file storage options.


Because of ChronoSync’s extreme flexibility and the complexity of understanding and setting up cloud storage services, the discussion below gets quite involved. The executive summary is that ChronoSync is a great option for those who need the ultimate control over offsite backup, but ends up being more expensive and slower than dedicated cloud backup services.

I’m pretty happy with Arq (+ Amazon Cloud Drive) and CrashPlan, but it’s good to see a new and different type of cloud backup option. For example, the Synchronize Bidirectional feature looks like an interesting alternative to Resilio Sync when combined with Archive Replaced Files. I also like that there’s a Preview feature.

Unlike Arq, the files are not encrypted until after they get to the cloud storage provider.

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