Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Xcode 13.2

Juli Clover:

Alongside iOS 15.2, iPadOS 15.2, macOS Monterey 12.1, and watchOS 8.3, Apple yesterday introduced an updated version of Xcode, Xcode 13.2. Developers who are updating should be aware that there’s a bug with the Mac App Store version of the software at this time, and it should be avoided.


Many developers are seeing the following message: “Internal error: missingPackageDescriptionModule,” and there appears to be no fix at this time.

Jesse Squires:

it is so funny to me that apple can’t even ship their own software to the mac app store without frequent issues


Update (2021-12-16): Vatsal Manot:

“It’s making me furious” is my general mood with Xcode 13.x. Whatever the reasons may be, Xcode 13 has been one giant disaster of a release for most of the people I know.

I’m operating on a 20% productivity deficit everyday just because of the source editor regressions.

I’m still seeing the delay before unit tests are run.

Max Rovensky:

I still can’t attach to process in macOS projects unless I’m building for Rosetta

Vatsal Manot:

The Swift debugger in general is so broken for me, I’ve gone back to stone-age print statements everywhere. Every year feels like a step back in IDE usability.

Helge Heß:

Despite getting older, Swift has managed to maintain its original vibe.

Update (2021-12-20): Mr. Macintosh:

“Xcode contains a copy of the log4j library that has the CVE-2021-44228 security vulnerability. Xcode automatically downloads an updated version of this library and installs it into ~/Library/Caches/”


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Pierre Lebeaupin

This functions as an additional reminder never to download Xcode (or anything, really) from the Mac App Store, rather always from the developer downloads page.

Josh WIsenbaker

I compared the two different Xcode versions and the one from the store has an out of date default toolchain compared to the direct download. All of this points to the MAS version being forgotten when updating the final release to me. It's always amazing how many manual processes exist in large companies for releasing things. Stuff like this should be automated to prevent human error.

The MAS is my preferred method to install Xcode as it allows me to update with delta updates rather than the whole download, expand, verify dance.

It took >2 hours to upgrade Xcode (MAS) 13.2 to Xcode (MAS) 13.2.1, so… not so sure that was a delta update.

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