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Faster Xcode Updates

Igor Kulman (via Cédric Luthi):

Installing Xcode from the Mac App Store might seem like a convenient way to do so but it is too slow and inflexible. You cannot use the Mac App Store to install multiple version of Xcode at the same time if you need them, like when testing with a Xcode beta for an upcoming iOS release. Download from the Mac App Store is incredibly slow and sometimes not even available for days after release (like 11.2.1).


Downloading Xcode from the Apple Developer Portal is faster than using the Mac App Store, but it can be made even better. You just need to use the right tools.


This script downloads the given Xcode by URL from the Apple Developer Portal, but uses up to 16 separate connections to do so. You will see a significant download speed improvement.

Paul Hudson:

Pro tip: if you downloaded Xcode straight from Apple, you can use xip -x Xcode_12.1_GM_seed.xip to skip the validation step and save approximately a billion tons of CO².

And don’t forget to turn off Dropbox.


Regarding the tip to turn off Dropbox:
Is it really still using so much CPU? I didn’t use Dropbox for a long time, but were considering to start using it again.

I've essentially given up on Xcode from the App Store, because something is seriously wrong either with Mac OS, APFS, or my computer:

With 44 GB free, App Store refuses to download Xcode, citing insufficient space:

Mind you, even after downloading it manually it's often not possible to copy over, let alone unarchive:

(I've filed bug reports: FB8742389, FB8742506. No acknowledgements or follow-ups received, of course.)

Apparently the xip -x trick only delays the verification, which then happens at first launch, so it doesn't really help.

I wish they would work out how to do delta updates :( Apple should ask Microsoft for some tips.

@Adrian I want the whole Xcode, anyway, because you never know when you’ll need to go back to a previous version.

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