Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Warning About Glassdoor

his_rotundity_ (via Hacker News):

I have a very close family member that works for Glassdoor. I spoke to this person and found out that a strategic repositioning, if you will, for Glassdoor is that they are trying to become a PR company of sorts, so they are focusing on brand management for companies. As a result, they are getting very aggressive with negative review-takedowns while allowing very obviously fraudulent positive reviews to remain the same.


I worked at a mid sized company that was going through a very rough patch (right before the inevitable bankruptcy.) During this time I got a call from a Glassdoor rep who explicitly offered to remove bad reviews in exchange for us moving to a high paid tier and putting up X amount of job listings.

Glassdoor is just corporate Yelp.

See also: Quora.

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