Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Xcode 13 RC

Apple (release notes):

Xcode 13 includes everything you need to create amazing apps for all Apple platforms. Includes the latest SDKs for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Don’t delete your beta version because this build removes the Monterey SDK. Seems like the iOS stuff isn’t quite ready yet, either.


Update (2021-09-16): Nick Lockwood:

So far, Xcode 13 RC seems like a major regression in stability. I've had it freeze up multiple times on my M1 in the last couple of days, after basically no problems for months with 12.5.

Steve Troughton-Smith:

Xcode 13 is so crashy right now 👀 RC goes down multiple times a day, and I can’t even blame Interface Builder or the SwiftUI preview system because I use neither

I’m seeing many reports like this.

Update (2021-10-20): Max Seelemann:

Anybody at Apple reading this: we cannot use this Xcode for automatic deployment! We only have one branch with OS updates for Mac/iOS (lots of shared code). Our CI runs universal builds only, so this Xcode breaks it. We need to manually build and submit👎

Steve Troughton-Smith:

Is it just me, macOS 12, or does Xcode 13’s Simulator just not save GIFs anymore? Also pretty frustrating that it saves out videos in the wrong orientation ☹️

Update (2021-10-29): Craig Hockenberry:

SeeIf you have problems distributing an app with Developer ID on Xcode 13, use Xcode 12.5 to pull down the necessary certificates (but don’t upload). After that Xcode 13 will work fine.

This is likely to happen on a new machine (e.g. M1).

Took me a day to figure this out…

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