Thursday, November 11, 2021

FastScripts 3

Daniel Jalkut (tweet):

Specifically, scripts are now run independently from the app and in their own application processes. This guarantees a consistent execution environment, and allows for an arbitrary number of scripts to run in parallel without impacting the performance of the app itself, or of other scripts being run.


When the Script Menu is opened, the search field is made active by default, so any typing will immediately filter the menu contents to scripts that match your search. If the top result is the script you’re looking for, just press return to immediately run the script.


FastScripts now supports the standard AppleScript progress updating mechanism. Scripts that report their progress will have timing and text feedback conveyed to users by way of the FastScripts menu[…]


Little things, like the ability of the app to detect when you attempt to assign a shortcut that is already being used for another script, to improvements to the appearance of the app’s built in “display message” panels, to the long-awaited support for symbolic links in the script folder, will perpetually surprise and delight you!


This update marks the departure of FastScripts from the Mac App Store. Apple’s restrictions on advanced functionality made it impossible to release a completely updated version of the app that Apple would allow in the store.

Great update to an essential app that I’ve used just about every day for more than 15 years. It’s $39.95 or $19.95 to upgrade, though almost all the features work in free mode.

Brad Ellis:

Just made a new app icon for the folks at @redsweater for a new release of FastScripts 3, a menu bar app to run scripts on the fly.


Update (2021-11-12): Daniel Jalkut:

Here’s some attention to detail, [in FastScripts 3], that you won’t see in many (any?) other apps that invoke scripts with keyboard shortcuts. It detects THE SCRIPT trying to synthesize the same shortcut that invoked it. And Apple wonders why I can’t sandbox.

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Great update to an essential app that I’ve used just about every day for more than 15 years

What for?

@Old Unix Geek I have lots of scripts that I like to invoke using per-app keyboard shortcuts.

I guessed that, Michael, since that's the point of the tool. The question was what are those scripts? In what way do they improve your workflow?

Some are here. Maybe I can write about the others sometime.

Interesting, thanks.

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