Friday, November 12, 2021

Apple’s 2021 Fiscal Year in Review

Jason Snell:

That means it’s time for the final totals, and an entirely new set of charts based entirely on Apple’s annual performance.


Apple has been on a rocket-ship ride since the debut of the iPhone. But Fiscal 2021 was like no other. Revenue was up 33% from 2020. After three years where revenue held steady, it’s a huge jump, the biggest in total dollars ever.


But in the 2020s, at least thus far, the Mac has reached new heights. How much of this is due to a super buying cycle forced by COVID remains to be seen, but after nine straight years between 22 and 26 billion dollars in sales, the last two years have seen the Mac leap up to $29 billion and then $35 billion. The four best sales quarters in Mac history are the four quarters that comprised fiscal 2021. The Mac has never been more successful.


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