Monday, October 18, 2021

SuperDuper 3.5 Beta 4 for Monterey and Apple Silicon

Dave Nanian:

Part of rolling these Betas slowly involves trying to figure out how to help users when these failures happen: basically, it’s a learning process, and when we can’t refer to the code, and the errors are (at best) a number and a word or two, well, it takes some time.

At this point, though, I’m relatively confident I understand how to work around most of asr’s failures.


Apple silicon execution require new-style licenses purchased after June of 2019, when our new license system was released. Old licenses will not work natively… and if you want to run natively on an Apple silicon Mac with registered features, you’ll need a new license.

I’ve probably gotten more years of free updates for SuperDuper than any other software I’ve purchased. I ran into the same issue with eSellerate licenses and SpamSieve, except that I used my own licensing system for newer purchases. I ended up supporting the old licenses in the native app by using an XPC service that runs in Rosetta. However, I do not necessarily recommend this approach. There’s a bug where, on certain Macs, XPC messages get blocked: the service never receives them and so the app hangs waiting for a response. I’m guessing this is a Rosetta issue, since I ran into a similar bug with AppleScript and Rosetta and because I’ve not heard of such problems with the many apps that use XPC services of the same architecture. [Update (2021-11-03): The problem seems to be that Rosetta is not installed, and rather than prompting to install it XPC just hangs.]


Update (2021-10-28): Dave Nanian (tweet):

At long last, v3.5 is out[…]


Bootable backups under macOS 11 (Big Sur) and later are a bit strange, because they don’t show up immediately in the Startup Disk Preference Pane. You’ll find they do show up in either Option+Boot (Intel) or Power+Boot (Apple silicon) boot menus, though. And once authorized, they boot nicely.


A bootable backup cannot start out encrypted, due to macOS rules about creating volume groups. So, after you create a bootable backup, start up from it, turn on FileVault (you don’t have to wait for it to finish), then boot back to your regular drive.


If you get a “Resource Busy” error during an Erase, then copy error under Big Sur and later, it’s likely your Mac fell asleep during the copy, even though we asked it to stay awake. You can usually fix this by installing Coca from the App Store (it’s free!) and using it to keep the Mac awake during this process.

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Yes, heaps of updates with SuperDuper...just like all of the free updates with SpamSieve, EagleFiler, DropDMG... 😁

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