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Monday, June 21, 2021

Amazon Appstore Lowers Fees

Elias Saba (via Hacker News):

The Amazon Appstore has announced that it will be reducing its cut of developer revenue from 30% to 20% for developers that earn less than $1 million in revenue per year. The new terms, which Amazon is calling the Amazon Appstore Small Business Accelerator Program, will also provide developers with AWS promotional credit in an amount equivalent to 10 percent of the developer’s revenue if they earn less than $1 million in revenue per year. If a developer chooses to use those AWS credits, that brings their total Amazon Appstore revenue share up from 70% to an equivalent of 90%.


altool Update and notarytool

Rosyna Keller:

So here’s a thread of some new stuff in Xcode 12.5’s altool 4.047.1207[…]


For any altool invocation that accepts -p @keychain, you can now use --keychain <path to keychain.keychain-db> to specify the keychain db to store to or retrieve from.


If you’re cursed with DSL or another type of connection that doesn’t let you do ANYTHING if you saturate an upload connection, there’s a new --throttle <Kbps> option that lets you set a max Kbps value, as an integer.

I can’t remember if this is very new, but there’s a new --show-progress option that shows progress during altool operations and doesn’t require you to use --verbose.


Notarization works in tandem with macOS to help people safely download software for their Mac outside of the App Store. Discover how notarytool can help you quickly and easily notarize your Mac app for distribution. We’ll show you how you can now notarize your apps with just a single command, and how to bring notarization into your continuous integration workflows.

Rosyna Keller:

altool is effectively deprecated for notarization (but not for the App Store!). The new normal is notarytool and the docs have been updated to discuss notarytool.

notarytool includes such neat features as a wait/--wait [sub]command that replaces manually manual polling in altool. When enabled, notarytool only returns on error, or if the submission has been fully processed and it reaches a final state (Accepted, Invalid, et cetera)


Unlike altool, notarytool has zero external dependencies other than a base macOS install. You can even grab the Xcode 13 Command Line Tools installer, extract notarytool, and run it on any Mac running macOS 10.15.7 or later, without installing full Xcode.

The fact notarytool, like stapler, is a standalone binary means you can put it on a server without having to install Xcode to use it.


The notice of altool deprecation and the altool-specific docs are now on their own page.

Rosyna Keller:

It supports webhooks too (--webhook <callback url>) but the process for that hasn’t been fully documented yet. There’s just a small aside in the new notarization documentation that it’s a valid option. So if you don’t want to use wait, you can be asynchronously notified.

I’m still seeing lots of cases where altool gets stuck, and the upload never finishes. It eventually logs an error and exits, but the process reports success, which confuses my build script. Then I can’t try it again without doing a new build because it thinks an upload is already in progress. Hopefully notarytool will work better.


Update (2021-07-02): Howard Oakley:

She also said that the Notary service has been streamlined, and now has a dedicated backend which should be both more reliable and faster. Performance targets are for notarization to be completed within 15 minutes for 98% of submissions, and most to be finished in less than 5 minutes.

The main issue I have is that uploading fails so frequently that it often takes me multiple tries and over an hour to submit a build. Only then does the 5–15 minutes start counting.

Update (2021-07-06): Armin Briegel:

When Apple introduced notarization with Catalina, I published a post describing how to notarize a command line tool. At WWDC this year, Apple introduced updates to this process with Xcode 13 (currently in beta). Most importantly, there is a new command line tool called notarytool.

I have been seeing better reliability with altool since switching the transport from DAV to HTTPS.

Update (2021-07-26): Sasmito Adibowo:

Now it’s time to look at all those developer tools Apple delivered and see how it can improve our work as software engineers.

Reimplementing Security Code AutoFill

Tyler Hall:

I’m very, very close to writing a KeyboardMaestro macro to grab the latest 2FA code from to work around this.

Tyler Hall:

Here’s what ended up working.

Click the menubar’s clock to activate Notification Center.


Take a screenshot.


OCR the text contained in that cropped image, which should hopefully contain our two-factor code.


Extract the code using a shell script.


Type the code into the current app (probably your non-Safari browser).


Update (2021-06-29): Keyboard Maestro:

Nice macro. FYI, I can crop from the right side using the SCREEN function. Or OCR directly from the cropped area using the Area option and the IMAGE contextual function, or combine both directly.

Update (2021-12-20): Tyler Hall:

To my surprise, very nice reader azorpheunt provided a real solution in the comment section earlier today.

Their solution is to grab the most recent text from’s actual SQLite database and parse the token from that. Not only is this way, way faster - it’s much more error-proof as well.

How to “Select All” in Mobile Safari

Nelson Aguilar (via John Gordon):

It should be simple to select and copy all text on a webpage in Safari, but it won’t work as it does in other apps. Usually, you can press-and-hold down anywhere on a page and choose “Select All” from the edit menu, but that functionality is disabled in Safari and WebKit-based browsers by default — including in the latest iOS 14 version. Luckily, there is a workaround to getting a “Select All” button back.


You can get the Force Select All shortcut for free from RoutineHub, which is your best option since it will always have the most up-to-date version, but you can also grab it directly from the link below.