Thursday, December 10, 2020

Upgrading From an iPhone XR to an iPhone 12 mini

The good:

The bad:


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Back-tap offers more options if you create custom shortcuts in the Shortcuts app.

For example, I have a shortcut that opens the Apple TV remote, then back triple back-tap to that shortcut.

Michael, as far as backups are concerned you might want to look into iMazing. Power user tools for backup of iOS devices and more, including cloning of one device to another.

It can use ITunes/Music/Catalina backups, but uses its own backup UI. It also runs WiFi backups every night on every device that’s been paired.

Coincidentally, I just got an iPhone 12 mini 2 days ago, upgrading from an iPhone 6S. I am really happy with the design, the size, the feel in my hand. Before the 6S, I had a 4S, and I realize I had been longing for that shape and the great grip it provides, together with a really nice look. I picked blue, I like it.

Thanks for reminding me of back tap! I find it works great, and I have set double-tap for the control center, which is otherwise hard to get to (on my 6S, swipe from bottom was in fact much better).

Missing from my 6S: word selection with force touch. I did not think I would miss it, but I keep trying to select words this way. I did easily pick up the long press on space to move around, though, which is in fact easier than force touch.

I barely notice Face ID and find it great. Well, except of course when wearing a mask. So sad...

@Leo Yeah, I should try iMazing backups. I already have the app.

@charles I haven’t missed 3D Touch. Double-tapping to select words has worked well for me.

I love that "I can once again hold it" is an actual benefit of a hot new telephone.

@Michael Did you upgrade your main Mac to Catalina? If so, did you have any trouble in after the upgrade?

@Adrian Yes, I upgraded. I’m working on a follow-up post with all the issues I encountered. But, yes, I immediately ran into the Mail bug where messages disappear when moved between mailboxes and another bug where rules fail to move messages (they move temporarily, then bounce back to the original location).

@Ted - on the other side of the coin I was very happy to get the iPhone 6 plus and finally have a cell phone that was comfortable to hold. Not everyone has small hands.


I thought my Qi charger had broken since it was from Amazon, but I realized it would charge my partners phone fine. A restart solved the issue, but I am now worried it may be a larger scale problem.

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