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iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Chaim Gartenberg:

And that smaller size is really nice to hold. iOS scales well to the 5.4-inch display, and the iPhone 12 design looks and feels just as nice on the slightly more compact version as it does on the full-sized model. If you liked the size of the the old 5 / 5S / SE, though, the 12 mini feels like the closest Apple has come to that style of device in a long time.

It’s honestly a bit weird to hold at first, especially if you’re coming from a big phone. Some things do take a bit of an adjustment, like typing — but other parts of using an iPhone, like swiping down from the top of the display for notifications or the control center, are easier than they’ve been in years. But for the first time since arguably the iPhone 8, Apple has made a flagship phone that nearly anyone should be able to comfortably use and hold in one hand.

I ordered the mini in blue, which I hope I don’t regret. In some photos the color looks great, in others not so much.

Nick Heer:

It is still bigger than the 5-series hardware, but appears to be noticeably smaller than the 4.7-inch form factor that was introduced with the iPhone 6. That seems to be pretty close to a sweet spot.


On paper, if you just want an iPhone, you should just buy the Mini and get a little more storage. If you really care about camera features, you should probably buy the Pro Max, even though it is the size of an aircraft carrier. The 6.1-inch models seem to only be for people who wanted to get an iPhone 12 earlier, want a little more battery life than the Mini, or really care about the telephoto lens.


Update (2020-11-27): See also:


I don’t think you’ll regret the blue mini at all, and if the color’s not great then the covers look nice in the photos.

The mini is the phone I’ve been waiting for, I’m still on the original SE. Now it’s here though, I just can’t bring myself to upgrade. I mean, my SE still works pretty well, it’s still a solid phone... and £750 is a huge chunk of change for me. That’s half a MBP, and I don’t use my phone in the same way some people do - I probably need to replace my 2014 MBP first. I am suffering by only having the SE to debug my apps on, but then developers with bigger phones probably suffer more as they try to squeeze their giant UI down to SE size before they can ship...

I don’t know. If my SE dies, maybe I’ll get a mini...

I'd really like to get an iPhone 12 of any variety, but the OLED screen PWM is unworkable for me, the eyestrain is just severe to look at. LCD has no such problem.

Hugely disappointing that Apple seems to ignore the PWM issue.

I ordered the mini too. Blue would have been my choice except this year I decided my eyes need something easier to spot when I don't remember where in the room I put it down, so I'm getting red. If a few bucks go to a good cause, that's good too.

Glad to see these reviews support my choice, especially as someone with small hands.

Writing in my new iPhone mini. Had an iPhone SE 1st gen before. The mini feels bit too big really. Takes longer to finish a solitaire game because it is harder to reach fast across the screen. The mini is faster for sure and the interface is smooth, but will take time to live without the home button. I helped a disabled man do the same switch and it is hard for him to make the gesture to open the phone, but think he might learn it too. Still hard to understand how to get highest quality out of the photos – one has to use jpeg and turn off hdr etc.

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