Monday, November 26, 2018

Do the iPhone XS and XR Screens Scratch Less?

John Gruber:

Apple describes the glass (front and back) on the iPhone XS as “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone”. I asked, and according to Apple, this means both crack and scratch resistance.

Marco Arment:

My iPhone X had the most scratch-prone screen I’ve ever had on a portable device.

My iPhone XS has zero scratches so far, and seems much more like pre-X iPhones in that regard.

Evgeny Cherpak:

I owned two X iPhones, first one was very scratch prone m, current one no so much. Is it possible they have multiple glass suppliers and some not as good as others. That would mean we have a lottery just like with intel modems but without ability to identify it.

Joe Fabisevich:

Is it just me or is the iPhone XS much more scratchable than previous iPhones?

Hunter Maximillion Monk:

I got two huge scratches after having it for maybe 3 days. Always kept in pocket alone, never dropped

Felix Lapalme:

AFAIK it’s as scratchable as the X (very) to make it less prone to shattering

Pratik Jain:

Apple switched the coating applied since the X for OLED Screens which causes the scratch hell.

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Hey, I've just got an iPhone XR as an upgrade to my iPhone 6s Plus, which I've had for around 3 years now. My iPhone 6s Plus does have some very minor scratches as I've never used a screen protector on it for most of it's life, I'd say it looks 9.5/10 if I had to rate it. My iPhone XR on the other hand was in my pocket (no other items in my pockets other than the iPhone XR) and within 10 hours looks like someone had run their keys all over the front and back. The scratches aren't really deep, I can't feel them with my nails, but they're much more visible than those on my 6s Plus.

To say I'm bitterly disappointed is an understatement. My iPhone XR already looks like it's had a tougher life than the 6s Plus - and it's only been in my pocket for 5 hours, and resting on my bedside cabinet for another 5. Unfortunately my case isn't due for a few more days but I'm really considering returning the phone. :(

Wait, so the X isn't a very good screen, when it comes to durability, but the XR is just as bad, if not worse? Or a big return to form according to Marco? Points of view in diametrical opposition are confusing to my brain.

@Nathan I’m confused as well. Fingers crossed, but so far my XR does not seem to be more scratchable than my SE or 6s.

Daewon Hool

Any phone you get a good screen protector is always a good preventative measure to ensure you don’t get cracks/scratches on the screen and possibly help in absorbing small impact to the glass.

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