Monday, August 3, 2020

Apple Style Guide on the Web

Adam Engst:

Plus, only recently did I learn that Apple makes its style guide available on the Web—previously, I had been aware only of the ebook version that you could download from Apple Books and read in the Books app.


Here’s another tricky one that we run into all the time. How do you refer to something or give instructions that work on both the iPhone and the iPad?


What about modes like airplane mode, sleep mode, and target disk mode? All lowercase, according to Apple. Dark Mode uses initial capitals, as does Low Power Mode. But then we have Power Reserve mode, in mixed case, and Target Display Mode, which Apple uses both in lowercase and with capitals but doesn’t include in the style guide.


In its December 2019 revision, Apple fell in with the rabble that prefers to lowercase “Internet,” adding it to the lowercase short form of “World Wide Web.”

The Web version is much better than the e-book and PDF, but, as with much of Apple’s documentation, it’s hard to link into it.


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