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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Removing Amazon Cloud Drive From Transmit


Amazon e-mailed to tell us that Transmit 5 can no longer support Amazon Drive. Our sincere apologies to anyone using Transmit to access that service. As a heads up, we’ll be removing it very soon — most likely in Transmit 5.6.1.

(We’d have said something sooner but Amazon gave us just 19 days notice! 19 days to update Transmit, and QA test the changes, and update Panic Sync, and QA test those changes, and update the website, and update the screenshots, and update the video, and update the docs, and…)

And to be clear: this is just Amazon Drive, their cloud storage, Dropbox-like service. This will not affect Amazon S3 in any way!

I wonder whether it will still work with Arq.

Wil Shipley:

I, myself, cannot believe Amazon would change their terms and suddenly discontinue service.


Apple’s Fall Release Schedule

John Voorhees:

Apple announced a lot of dates today. Here’s a rundown of all the dates mentioned in the keynote[…]

Federico Viticci:

iOS/iPadOS 13 features coming “later this fall” (not Sept. 30th)

- AirPods audio sharing
- HomeKit Secure Video & routers
- iCloud Drive folder sharing
- HomePod/AirPlay 2 in scenes & automations
- Image Capture API
- Screen Time communication limits
- Announce Messages w/ Siri

Federico Viticci:

This split iOS/iPadOS release could get a bit messy. For example:

- If you upgrade to iOS 13 (iPhone) and switch Reminders to the new format, it’ll stop syncing with iOS 12 (iPad)
- Shortcuts: if you modify an existing one on iOS 13, it’ll break the format on 12

Juli Clover:

Code found in the golden master version of Xcode 11 confirms that Apple is working on an augmented reality headset of some kind, and perhaps planned to announce it at the event but scrapped the debut last minute.

9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo and developer Steve Troughton-Smith found that Xcode 11 features an ARDisplayDevice framework with references to codenamed Apple headsets that are in development, including Franc, Luck, and Garta (which pertains to HoloKit, a third-party device).

Steve Troughton-Smith:

The fact that ARDisplayDevice is in the iOS 13 public SDK (check the headers in Xcode!), not a private framework, makes it very clear that this head-mounted ARKit UX was supposed to launch in the iOS 13 timeframe. With iOS 13’s delays, very easy to see how that could get punted

Axel Kee notes a very rough edge in the Xcode 11 GM, which looks like it could have used some more time to bake.


How to Flip an App for Profit

Becky Hansmeyer (tweet):

Background used to be a good app. You can tell from its early reviews that its users genuinely enjoyed browsing and making use of its hand-curated selection of iPhone wallpapers. In fact, its reviews are generally positive up until late June, when an update began causing some issues. From that point on it becomes clear that Background is no longer owned or updated by its original developer. It’s been flipped.


The gold standard seems to be a 3-day trial that moves into a $9.99/week subscription, but there’s flexibility here, depending on precisely how evil you want to be. Make sure to hide these new payment options from your pre-acquisition users. After all, you don’t want them updating their glowing past reviews. Oh, and for those new users you’re about to acquire? Make sure it’s darn near impossible for them to find the “x” to close your subscription view (or, for fun, make it completely nonfunctional!).

Ryan Jones:

At this point we must believe they aren’t willing to make the hard judgement call of scam vs not. Which, I should point out, is the entire point of a walled garden. There’s just no other explanation.


What violation?

Hint: they are violating none except for overcharging 1,000x


It’s apple’s fault, but they are technically within the (bad) rules.

fluffy fox:

In an ironic twist Android is not walked yet the Play Store allows you to report apps and Google actively takes action against offending apps. It even has bug bounties to find misbehaving apps do they can be dealt with.


Clark Goble, RIP

Larry Anderson:

Sad news: for those of you who might know him, former ADN user @ClarkGoble has died of a stroke.

Clark left behind a wife and five children. There’s a GoFundMe to assist them.

His obituary is here. I knew just a small slice of him through his tech blog, comments here, and posts on Twitter and the defunct

Oluseyi Sonaiya:

Clark Goble may have been the single best human I ever interacted with on the internet. Patient, kind, always engaging in good faith. I admired him tremendously.

Update (2019-09-17): Dan Frakes:

So sad. I knew Clark only online, but if he was half as good of a person IRL as he was here, he was an outstanding human being.

See also: John Gordon.

Apple Arcade Pricing Announced


Apple today announced that Apple Arcade will be available on the App Store on Thursday, September 19 with iOS 13, offering an all-new way to enjoy games without limits. With a subscription to Apple Arcade for $4.99 per month, users get unlimited access to the entire catalog of over 100 new, exclusive games, all playable across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV. Apple Arcade is launching with a one-month free trial, and users will not find the games on any other mobile platform or subscription service. Apple Arcade games can all be played offline, and a single subscription includes access for up to six family members with Family Sharing.

Craig Grannell:

The question is where this leaves pretty much all other gaming on Apple platforms – particularly iOS. At launch, Apple Arcade will have dozens of titles, and over 100 will arrive within “the coming weeks”; Apple is planning to add more titles every month. So for the price of a single premium iOS game each month, you’ll get access to hundreds. Quite how premium games are going to compete – even in the short term – I’ve no idea.


It’s an interesting time for Apple and games, then, and one that is filled with much promise. But it does feel ironic that the one time Apple finally gets interested in games, it may make the rest of the iOS gaming ecosystem even less viable.

Update (2019-09-13): John Gruber:

Apple should have played this video in Tuesday’s event instead of wasting so much time on a handful of live game demos. This video conveys excitement, and makes it feel like there are going to be a lot of games with a lot of variety.

Update (2019-09-17): Juli Clover:

Apple this morning started rolling out access to Apple Arcade, giving a handful of people early access to the $4.99 per month service.

Apple Arcade isn’t launching with the more than 100 titles Apple has said are in development, but there are over 50 games to download across a wide range of categories. All of the games are listed below.

John Siracusa:

If you’re confused by the platform list because you thought Apple Arcade titles were “exclusive,” the rule is that Apple Arcade titles are not available on any other mobile platforms. And Apple doesn’t count Switch as “mobile.”