Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Transmit 5

Cabel Sasser (Hacker News, MacRumors):

Seven years after the first release of Transmit 4, our well-loved and widely-used macOS file transfer app, we sat down with an incredibly exhaustive list of ideas, and — this’ll sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m mostly sure I’m not — we did it all.

With one massive update we’ve brought everyone’s favorite file-transferring truck into the future with more speed, more servers, more features, more fixes, a better UI, and even Panic Sync. Everything from the core file transfer engine to the “Get Info” experience was rethought, overhauled, and improved.

There are both short and long lists of changes. The app feels very familiar, but even as a relatively light Transmit user I can see that many, many parts of the interface have been revised.

There are also some interesting changes on the business side. It’s no longer available from the Mac App Store (perhaps in part because it’s not sandboxed). Despite not being in the Mac App Store, there is no upgrade pricing. It’s $35 for everyone right now, increasing to $45 after a week. (For Transmit 4, released in 2010, the regular price was $34, with upgrades for $19.)

Eli Schiff has noted some icon changes.

Update (2017-08-02): Kenichi Yoshida:

Why was the interior of the Transmit 4 truck icon removed in Transmit 5? Cabel answered question!

Update (2017-08-22): Matthew Guay:

The advantage didn't hold with uploading a single 20MB zip file—there, Cyberduck was actually around 10% faster across a couple tests. So perhaps Transmit isn't best at raw speed, but does seem better at handling folders and mixed files—the types of things you'll need to upload to your server to, say, install a CMS. And there, it's really fast.

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Great to see Panic continuing to make great stuff. My only quibble is the move toward tabs occupying space on the title bar. I like having a large target area for moving windows around. That said, I hope everyone buys Panic's apps so they can keep on keepin' on.

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