Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Removing Amazon Cloud Drive From Transmit


Amazon e-mailed to tell us that Transmit 5 can no longer support Amazon Drive. Our sincere apologies to anyone using Transmit to access that service. As a heads up, we’ll be removing it very soon — most likely in Transmit 5.6.1.

(We’d have said something sooner but Amazon gave us just 19 days notice! 19 days to update Transmit, and QA test the changes, and update Panic Sync, and QA test those changes, and update the website, and update the screenshots, and update the video, and update the docs, and…)

And to be clear: this is just Amazon Drive, their cloud storage, Dropbox-like service. This will not affect Amazon S3 in any way!

I wonder whether it will still work with Arq.

Wil Shipley:

I, myself, cannot believe Amazon would change their terms and suddenly discontinue service.


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Another great example of why you should not rely on "the cloud".

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