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Apple Watch Series 5

Apple (MacRumors, Hacker News):

Apple Watch Series 5 features an innovative new display that allows the time and important information to remain visible at all times. Each watch face has been carefully optimized for the new display and to preserve battery life, the screen intelligently dims when a user’s wrist is down and returns to full brightness with a raise or a tap. Several advanced technologies work together to deliver this new feature, including the industry’s only low-temperature polysilicone and oxide display (LTPO), ultra-low power display driver, efficient power management integrated circuit and new ambient light sensor. This combination of hardware innovation and incredible software design allows Apple Watch Series 5 to offer all-day 18-hour battery life.

Didn’t see that one that coming. I still can’t see anything Apple Watch does that’s worth $400 to me, but it will be more interesting when this eventually makes it into the base model.

Ryan Jones:

5 years later, Apple launches the TOTALLY FRIGGIN OBVIOUS way to sell Watches.

Update (2019-09-13): Michael Kummer:

In this article, I’ll look at what Series 5 has to offer and how it compares to Apple’s previous wearable, the Series 4. Hopefully, the information I provide here will help you decide if you should upgrade to the new model or stick with the one you have.


"to offer all-day 18-hour battery life"

Introducing Apple Day…

5 years later, Apple launches the TOTALLY FRIGGIN OBVIOUS way to sell Watches.

Lol, yes, this. I was watching all the "you can see the time without having to look directly at your watch!" use cases and thinking of all the inexpensive mechanical watches (I think mine's a Seiko SNZG15 ) that have had this groundbreaking featureset!!1! for years.

The iPhone's not [primarily] a phone, so no surprise that the Apple Watch isn't [primarily] a watch, I guess. /shrug

@Ruffin I suppose it’s not clear without the timing context of the tweet, but I think Ryan Jones was referring to the Apple Retail segment at 1:36:30 in the keynote, where O’Brien describes “Apple Watch Studio.” You’ll now be able to mix and match different watch cases and bands as you try them in the store.

>"to offer all-day 18-hour battery life"

My Samsung Galaxy Watch also has an always-on display and the "lift watch to fully turn on display" feature. It lasts three days with every feature turned on, including constant heartbeat monitoring. I'm pretty sure this has been the standard behavior on non-Apple smart watches ever since they first came out. Am I missing something?

Also... It's kind of important for a watch to last at least 24 hours, given that it does things like SLEEP MONITORING. Otherwise, you're going to charge your watch twice a day, which seems just incredibly bad.

I have a series 3 that I'm very happy with. It's great for tracking runs, hikes, and workouts at the gym. I love leaving behind my phone, instead taking just the Apple watch and air pods. Using Apple Pay via the watch is also a great convenience.

The "raise to wake" motion to see the display / time works for me 99% of the time.

I'm not interested in sleep tracking for many reasons, but also simply because I don't want to wear a watch to bed. So charging the watch one night every 1-2 days works fine for me. But I can see how charging might be a problem for people that eventually want sleep tracking.

Overall the series 5 sounds like nice incremental progress, but without major reasons to upgrade. I'll look forward to owning a series 5 (or higher) a few years down the line.

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