Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Quit and Reopen Apple Mail to Receive Messages

Apple (via Mac Rumors):

For some email providers, new email messages in Mail may only appear to arrive when Mail is first opened. No new email arrives until Mail is quit and reopened.

What’s odd about the continuing Apple Mail problems with Mavericks is that Mail used to be a very reliable app. I’m not sure why the internals were reworked so extensively in 10.9, since there are few outward changes, but the result has been bugs and slowness.

Update (2014-02-18): Dr. Drang:

So I’m using a mail client that can’t be trusted to send or receive mail. Can it get worse? Yes. I learned this past week that searching doesn’t work, either. Or at least not consistently.


That, in fact, is the most annoying thing about this mess. Apple has broken the covenant. The deal was that I get a mail client that isn’t fancy but works, and in return I don’t complain about a lack of features I’ll never use. It’s a simple arrangement that’s worked for nine years, and now it’s all this.

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I would not qualify Mail.app as a reliable app in the past.

- It always had difficulties to handle a relatively large amount of messages. If you are subscribed to mailing-list, considering another application might be a good idea.
- It always has been the living proof that SMP and multi-threading are only theory on OS X. Yep, it's a troll but then how do you explain that the whole UI of the OS was stuck when you opened Mail.app and it started checking for incoming e-mails.
- It always had issues to quit. How many times did (and still do) I have to force quit Apple Mail because it does not quit properly? Too many.
- Let's put aside the standard Junk filter mechanism which sometimes work, sometimes doesn't. Only God knows why.

@someone I have had the quitting problems since 10.0, but I really do think it’s been reliable and reasonably performant compared with most other e-mail clients I’ve used. I haven’t had any problems with the UI getting stuck.

I'm not running Mavericks, but operating under my supposition that Mavericks Mail.app works just fine for iCloud accounts only, isn't this a feature, not a bug from the Cupertino POV?

@Chucky My experience is that the iCloud servers are among those that are not working fine with Mavericks Mail.

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