Wednesday, February 5, 2014

37signals Becomes Basecamp

Jason Fried:

Moving forward, we will be a one product company. That product will be Basecamp. Our entire company will rally around Basecamp. With our whole team - from design to development to customer service to ops - focused on one thing, Basecamp will continue to get better in every direction and on every dimension.


If we can't find the right partner or buyer, we are committed to continuing to run the [other] products for our existing customers forever. We won't sell the products to new customers, but existing customers can continue to use the products just as they always have. The products will shift into maintenance mode which means there will be no new development, only security updates or minor bug fixes. We did this successfully in 2012 with Ta-da List, Writeboard, and Backpack, so we know how to make it work.

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