Sunday, February 2, 2014

ERA by Jawbone (2014)

Nicholas Riley:

Externally the new ERA looks much the same as the old one, just smaller, lighter and thinner.


The new ERA has shorter battery life but no apparent change to the headset’s excellent range.


The new ERA takes ~3 seconds to audio feedback (which doesn’t sound like a ripoff Mac startup sound any more) and another second to pair. Regardless, this is a substantial improvement — slightly slower than the Q3 but acceptable, given it takes a second or two just to attach the headset to my ear.

The best news: you can triple tap the button to play or pause. I have an older Jawbone ERA that I use for calls, but more often for listening to podcasts and music around the house and while exercising. It’s easily one of my favorite hardware purchases of the last few years. The inability to control non-call audio from the headset is the only serious complaint I have about it. It’s not bothersome enough that I would upgrade to the new one, though. In fact, I think the older model’s longer battery life is worth the weight.

See also iLounge’s review, which has more photos.

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