Saturday, September 29, 2012

iPhone 5 Size

Clark Goble:

I thought the increased size would grow on me. Many have talked about how they forgot about it after a day. It hasn’t for me. I find myself unconsciously straining my thumb as I attempt to swipe the top of the screen. I don’t think I have small hands but honestly I think the earlier size was better. However given how Android has convinced people bigger is better this was probably a good compromise. At least I can swipe across the whole screen for most of the area. And one doesn’t typically swipe to the top status bar. However it really is just a tad too big to use one handed. I’d imagine people with small hands will have to switch to using it two handed the way most Android users do.

Lukas Mathis:

Apple notes that the top left and bottom right areas of the new iPhone’s screen can easily be touched with your thumb, without contorting your hand. […] It’s a bit of a strange claim either way, because different people have vastly different hands.

John Siracusa:

I hand-shimmy with the 3.5. So maybe with a 4-inch screen the hand-shimmy will just be a longer distance. Will I do double-shimmy?

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