Saturday, September 29, 2012

“iCloud Backup”

Marco Arment:

It’s easy for most of us around these parts to forget how badly technology still works for so many people. This is supposed to be the best we have today: an iPad, a routine OS update, an Apple Store, an automatic backup feature.

I keep thinking that my grandmother would have an easier time with an iPad than her Mac. However, she likes to watch videos that require Flash—as I found out when Apple issued a software update that required Flash to be manually reinstalled. And no matter how much easier the iPad might be, I don’t think it could overcome the increased difficulty of solving problems at a distance. There’s no way to do screen sharing to fix things or see what she’s referring to, and with so many unlabeled icons and “invisible” gestures, communicating interface details via phone would likely be even more difficult than usual.

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