Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Andy Ihnatko:

Like all great documentaries, it revolves around an idea that is universal. There’s nothing flashy or unconventional about Jiro’s sushi. You won’t find Hot Dog Chocolate Chip Pancake Sushi on his restaurant’s menu. His entire reputation was built on doing something as well as any human being probably ever will. And he got there by always, always, always challenging his own work, and seeking higher standards.

I enjoyed the movie when I saw it in June. As I recall, there’s a part where Jiro says, not unlike John Siracusa, that his most important talent is his sense of taste, being able to tell what’s wrong with his sushi. He thinks there are some French chefs who have better taste, and so theoretically could make better sushi than him, however they are not applying their talents in his area.

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