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Saturday, December 7, 2002

Close & Delete in BBEdit

I’ve posted a new BBEdit script:

BBEdit has a great feature called Close & Delete, which is available when you hold down Shift and view the File menu. In BBEdit 7.0 and later, the utility of this time-saving feature is greatly diminished because BBEdit asks if you’re sure that you want to delete the file. This script restores the old behavior of the command. If you delete the file by accident, you can always recover it from the trash can.

Spam Training with Hotmail

Ashley Karyl, a SpamSieve beta tester, wrote me to say that he’s found a great way to speed up the training process: sign up for a Hotmail account. Since he uses Entourage, which can retrieve messages directly from Hotmail, this is an easy source of spam—letting him add almost 150 spam messages in the last week. “There is a lovely sense of poetic justice in doing all this.”


Bill Bumgarner links to Peter Norvig’s Python IAQ (there’s also a Java IAQ) and posts some information about his .python file.

“War Stories” and ProFont

Daniel Sandler links to ProFont, a great monospaced font for coding and e-mail. He also links to a post by Joss Whedon about Friday’s Firefly episode, “War Stories.” I’ve got to agree with Joss that there is something amazing about this show. It’s about the only TV I watch, and I’m completely in love with it. Over Thanksgiving, I showed my parents “Out of Gas” and “Ariel,” but they don’t see what I see (even though they like sci-fi and westerns, and speak Chinese). They didn’t even think it was funny. My brother gets it, though, and he’s about as obsessed as I am. I don’t know how Fox expects it to ever get ratings if they refuse to advertise it. Daniel missed the denouement of “War Stories,” but due to a VCR snafu I missed all but the first five minutes. I am currently trying to get a copy through ScoopMe!.

Spam Wiki

Gary Robinson has started a wiki for the spam-battling community.

Group Think

Bo Johan Peter Lindberg links to an article about Group Think and Saturday Night Live.

One of the peculiar features of group dynamics is that clusters of people will come to decisions that are far more extreme than any individual member would have come to on his own.