Saturday, December 7, 2002

Spam Wiki

Gary Robinson has started a wiki for the spam-battling community.

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I was browsing my junk mail folder when I noticed an email from This is what i found.

I use detailed headers, so aside from the fact that ebay was asking me for a password, let alone a user AND pass, I was 100% sure that this was some sort of nasty spam. Chances of a regular/average user catching this as a fake, if their spam filter didn't catch it? Probably 0%. So make sure you remind everyone you know to never give their username and password unless they are supposed to. When they are supposed to may need a bit of explanation :(

Either way, do what you can to keep people from being victimized. This was a very very tricky spam, especially seeing as I coincidentally recieved it the same day that I changed my ebay password.

P.S. Yeah. I use yahoo! email. Their spam filters are great.

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