Saturday, December 7, 2002

“War Stories” and ProFont

Daniel Sandler links to ProFont, a great monospaced font for coding and e-mail. He also links to a post by Joss Whedon about Friday’s Firefly episode, “War Stories.” I’ve got to agree with Joss that there is something amazing about this show. It’s about the only TV I watch, and I’m completely in love with it. Over Thanksgiving, I showed my parents “Out of Gas” and “Ariel,” but they don’t see what I see (even though they like sci-fi and westerns, and speak Chinese). They didn’t even think it was funny. My brother gets it, though, and he’s about as obsessed as I am. I don’t know how Fox expects it to ever get ratings if they refuse to advertise it. Daniel missed the denouement of “War Stories,” but due to a VCR snafu I missed all but the first five minutes. I am currently trying to get a copy through ScoopMe!.

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