Friday, June 7, 2024

WWDC 2024 Preview


From the Keynote to the last session drop, here are the details for an incredible week of sessions, labs, community activities, and more.

Juli Clover:

The updated version of the Developer app will host 2024 session videos, 1-on-1 labs with Apple engineers and designers, and more.

As far as I can tell, the app has the same old problems. I insta-deleted it when I realized that it still hijacks links opened in Safari.

Juli Clover:

The Vision Pro version of the Apple Developer app has a special immersive Environment included that can be used as a backdrop for watching session videos when WWDC begins next week.

Apple (MacRumors):

Every year, the Apple Design Awards recognize innovation, ingenuity, and technical achievement in app and game design. But they’ve also become something more: A moment to step back and celebrate the Apple developer community in its many forms.

Craig Hockenberry:

The next thing you know, they’re going to be giving the answers to Stump The Experts before WWDC starts.

Joe Rosensteel:

Here’s what Apple can learn from the mistakes other companies are making when it comes to demonstrating AI prowess.

Jason Snell:

But this isn’t just Apple’s chance to show it’s doing AI right. It’s also an opportunity to redefine the conversation about AI to make it more substantive and results-oriented–and, of course, to make Apple look better while doing it.

Howard Oakley:

If Apple sticks to its normal timetable, that would bring the release of Xcode 16 with Swift 6 in mid-September.

This is the first major version of Swift for five years; version 5 was distinguished with its introduction of a stable binary interface (ABI), a key milestone in its evolution since its first release ten years ago. Central to the changes in Swift 6 is structured concurrency that encapsulates threads with proper controls.

Jordan Morgan:

Our favorite annual conference is near, which means that the TENTH(!!) annual edition of the Swiftjective-C W.W.D.C. Pregame Quiz is ready to go!

The macOS App Icon Book is currently 20% off with coupon code DROP20.

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Update (2024-06-12): Basic Apple Guy:

This is my fourth annual dub-dub Bingo Board and one of the hardest to devise.

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I can't get over that Apple are getting into bed with open ai. A company that feeds off of use data, and leaks it like a sieve. Plus it's run by a psychopath.

>I can't get over that Apple are getting into bed with open ai. A company that feeds off of use data, and leaks it like a sieve. Plus it's run by a psychopath.

They are likely just buying time until they have their own model(like they did with intel -> Apple Silicon), so they can run an inhouse AI model, by their own inhouse psychopath.

AI is really good for certain tedious things, like upscaling or OCR and stuff that it makes sense to throw computation at it, but the vomiting of AI onto everything is curious to me. I will continue to avoid most of it as, I do pretty much every knew tech fad that arrives half baked and over promised.

I'm a tech guy, but in the sense I am practical with it as tools. I never even got on board with the IoT gravy train of bad security, abandoned devices, and constant feature churn because I like tools more than gadgets I think. I need things to solve problems to carve out time in my world. Crypto currencies. VR. Etc. Some things stick, some don't, but the truth is a computer and cell phone is pretty much the only "must have" for me. I'm not chasing these unicorns every time big tech needs to goose their stock price.

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